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Dry Eye Evaluation

Depending on severity, evaluations may be scheduled anywhere from every 1 month to every year.

  • Biomicroscopy lets your doctor evaluate for signs or scarring from mild to severe dryness
  • Special drops and dyes let your doctor measure how fast your tears evaporate as well as their overall quality
  • Your oil ducts are evaluated for atrophy or poor oil production
  • Special procedures can be ordered, like placing punctal plugs into the tear ducts to increase your tear level
  • Reports can be sent to your medical doctor to coordinate care if your dryness is related to an auto-immune condition
Woman rubbing dry eyes

Inquire About an Appointment

Looking for an appointment? Inquire about it here!

Please do not include medical or sensitive information. Appointment requests will be followed up with a text or phone call to schedule during our regular business hours.