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Over age 40: Digital Multifocal Lenses for Clarity at all Distances

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Try: Varilux X-Series Progressive Lens with Crizal Sapphire Anti-Reflective 

  • Reduced need for head movement while reading, eliminated off-balance feelings, smooth distance to near transition
  • Sharper vision in low light
  • Customized near vision for a larger reading area
  • Reduced reflections while on computer and driving at night

Computer Users: Defense Against Digital Eye Strain and Blue Light

Computer Vision Syndrome Adult Pediatric Eyecare Local Eye Doctor Near You

Try: Eyezen Enhanced Single Vision with Crizal Prevencia 

  • Sharper digital vision at all distances
  • Blocks harmful blue light without any a visible tint to the lens
  • Fatigue relief levels are customized and chosen for your exact measurements
  • Glare reduction while on the computer and when night driving

Outdoor Enthusiasts: Comfortable Vision Indoors and Outdoors or Freedom from Carrying Sunglasses

10 Dt Header Lrg Transitions Gen8

Try: Varliux Transitions Signature with Crizal Sun Anti-Glare

  • Newest Transtions generation is faster and more responsive across all temperatures
  • Customize your lens color - choose from iconic brown or gray or venture into trendy StyleColors of Emerald, Sapphire, or Amethyst. Mirrored finishes are now also available!
  • Reduced glare on even the sunniest days

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