Half of online purchased eyewear fail RX and/or safety specifications

P. Steven Anderson, O.D.

As the internet has grown, more people are purchasing an ever increasing number of products and services online. This includes prescription eyewear.

A recent study by a panel of eye care researchers and eyewear industry experts found that in many cases people who purchase online are not getting what they have ordered. In many cases the eyewear arrives without features that were ordered or with features that were not desired.

The study conducted by Karl Citek, O.D. Ph.D. of Pacific University College of Optometry and a team of experts representing eyewear standards-setting organizations, found several disturbing trends.

  1. More than one in every five pair of eyeglasses were not delivered as ordered, with items either added or omitted.
  2. In greater than one in four pair of eyeglasses one or both lenses did not meet prescription standards.
  3. Most alarming is that over 67% did not meet (FDA) safety requirements for impact resistance, putting consumers eyes at risk.
  4. Overall 44.8% of online spectacles failed to meet either prescription specifications or impact safety standards.

In the traditional delivery system of eyeglasses, muliple layers of inspection take place during the production process. Once the eyewear is delivered from the laboratory to the dispensing doctor or optician, a final inspection is done prior to dispensing to the purchaser. This process greatly reduces the risk of receiving inaccurate or poor quality eyewear.

At Vision Care Associates we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality materials and a multi-leveled inspection system to insure our patients receive the best in quality and value. Our clientèle are our friends and neighbors and we believe they deserve nothing less.